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I'm just hopeless

Yesterday, I was in a rush to get sorted for our works party, but I knew I had to feed the chickens too. So I trooped off down the garden in my dressing gown and curlers (in the dark) to fetch their feeder.

When I got there I found the feeder in bits as the girls had managed to unscrew the bottom. In the dark I couldn't find the nut, so I went back to the house to get a torch. While I was at it I decided to carry the bag of chicken feed from the kitchen to the shed.

So I stroll off down the path, 20kg of layers pellets clutched to my chest, and promptly fall down a step, go flying, and land on the water butt, pulling the pipe out of the side of it and getting soaked in rainwater. I now have a grazed knee and hand and a twisted and grazed ankle. The girls still got fed though.
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