saltyseas (saltysea) wrote in city_chickens,

My girls!

I've had chickens once a long while in the past, and I really enjoyed having them even if at that time there was very little information available (before the internet had anything on it) to go with. I just kind of made things up and went with my intuition at that point.

Fast forward to a couple months ago when my neighbor took me a bit too seriously about my renewed desire to have chickens, and he picked up two weeks old RIR's at a local pet store for me. One was a young cockerel. I don't know what it is but there is this misperception that a hen won't lay unless their is a rooster present. I wasn't into have a rooster about so I found out where he got them, returned the male (!, chicken returns!) and picked up two females. I didn't have much of a set up so I made a quick and hasty run for them, while I designed and built their new one...

And here they are loving their new dusty enclosure:

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So sweet! What did you build their coop out of?
Well done!
And here they are loving their new dusty enclosure