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Veterinarian's Hospital

One of our remaining two chickens is feeling punky. I think age combined with two weeks of snow and freezing temperatures has sent her into a decline. I was hoping that with the snow melt, she'd perk up ... you know, bugs to scrounge, greens to forage (they're free range girls), but mostly she hid under the wood pile.

So now she's in Chicken Rehab out in the workshop. It's a small, portable pen we built, that we can cover with towels to keep the drafts out, put a heat lamp on there so she'll be warm, and mostly it gives her a chance to be undisturbed, eat extra nourishing foods and rest in a less damp, cold clime.

We'll see if it works. We've nursed one chicken back to health from damp and cold related weather issues, but Beaudacious (for that is her name) is four years old, and no longer a spring chicken.

Beau and Betty Jo are not even egg laying anymore ... if we see another egg out of them this spring, I'll be surprised. However, they are AWESOME dandelion and slug control mechanisms and I just wish I could let them roam the front yard as well.

Here's hoping she holds on a bit. She's been an excellent family chicken, and gorgeous to boot.

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