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sick rooster

We have a rooster that we recently acquired last weekend who is not feeling well.  When we got him it was somewhat warm (60's/70's) and he had a spot of molting near his tail.  But he seemed to be doing well otherwise.  For the first few days he was ok, and then we got a cold snap, where it dipped into the 20's at night, and 4's in the daytime.  He ended up with a touch of frost bite on his comb (Thursday), which we treated with antibiotic ointment.  The next day we noticed that he was lethargic, not eating much, but was drinking.  We brought him inside in a cage yesterday (Friday) to get him out of the cool air.  All day yesterday he rested, he would breath with his mouth open on occasion, has somewhat of a raspy sound, coughs and sneezes, somewhat stinky breath.  This morning his eyes were gummed shut, but has opened them since then.  We suspect he needs antibiotics, which we hope to be able to pickup from TSC later today.  In the meantime, does anybody have any recomendations, suggestions, thoughts as to what ishappening?  We'd like to know what antibiotics he may be needing, what products we may require.  I noticed TSC has an antibiotic feed, should we try this?



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